I have been seeing Anne for over a year now.  I sought her counseling when I was feeling extremely anxious and obsessive about an ex-boyfriend and breakup.  With her guidance and help, I was able to calm my thinking and learn how to work through my anxiety.  She helped me regain my confidence and navigate relationships in both my personal and professional life.



As an executive in the sports industry for over 12 years, my life is pretty fast-paced and everything must revolve around my season schedule and various events, which sometimes makes it difficult to just take a breath. Over the years, I’ve learned to prioritize taking better care of myself, spending more time with my family and friends, doing yoga, working out and taking personal days when possible (and not feel bad about it). As part of this personal self-care, I also make it a point to check in with Anne on regular basis to have better clarity about my life and how to overcome challenges, both personal and professional. She is a wonderful performance coach and has helped validate what I already know about myself and my environment. Anne has certainly helped me take extra steps to be an effective leader, supportive teammate and an all-around good person.



One of the best decisions I’ve made was making that first appointment to see Anne. Her gentle, yet energetic, approach enabled me to have great insight and create positive change in my life. The outcomes of therapy can oftentimes be beautiful, but the journey there is hard work and sometimes difficult. Anne met me where I was emotionally each session, instead of leading with her own agenda. Today, I am a better woman, wife, daughter, professional, and overall individual because of the techniques, skills, and insights ignited by Anne. That first call to make the initial session appointment changed my life. Thank you.

R.P. from Chicago

Anne has been my therapist for nearly three years. She has helped me look at my life from a completely different angle. I feel as if she took my blinders off. She has helped me see my problems in a completely different way. We have brought up issues from my childhood that have been very painful to deal with, but I no longer feel sorry for myself. I can now look at my life and appreciate my accomplishments.


Anne has also been very helpful with how I deal with my teenage son, who has been involved with drugs and in trouble with the police. She has provided me with many insights into his behavior and, more importantly, suggested excellent strategies to cope with him.

D.A. from Wilmette, IL

Anne is an amazing therapist. Every time I walk into her office I knew that I was walking into a nurturing and supportive environment, where I was free to express myself which allowed me to work to have a better understanding and acceptance of myself. I am grateful that she was there for me over the course of my entire high school career and helped to guide me with my transition into college. I don’t know where I would be without her. She’s the best!

X.R. from Chicago